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What are Environmental Pollutants?

Pollutants are substances in the environment that are not produced by living organisms but produce adverse biological effects on living organisms. Environmental pollutants are a constant threat to health.

Where Do They Come From?

We are exposed to pollutants in every aspect of life – from personal care products, food, air and water, household and garden products, smoking and recreational drugs, mold and other pathogens, electromagnetic fields (EMFs), pharmaceuticals, emissions from cars and transports and from many other sources.  


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How They Affect You

Each person has a toxic load that results from a low-level or chronic exposure to various pollutants in their food, water, air, personal care products, homes, and communities. Environmental pollutants harm human health throughout all aspect of life, especially during prenatal and early childhood development. Environmental pollutants contribute to the growing incidence of chronic disease throughout the world. Addressing the impact of environmental pollutants needs to the be part of the assessment of any symptom or condition. For example:

  • Food additives contribute to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and other symptoms and conditions.

  • Your gut microbiome is essential to health. A number of environmental pollutants disrupt its health.

  • Many women’s health symptoms and conditions have been correlated with environmental pollutants.

How To Protect Yourself

There are a number of things that you can do to decrease your environmental load of pollutants. Each section on the website highlights the three most important steps to take and additional steps that may be beneficial.  The important thing is to become informed and aware of environmental pollutants.

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Work with a naturopathic doctor / naturopath to help you assess for environmental pollutants and to understand how they may be affecting your health. The information on this website is a guide for ways to protect you and your family from environmental pollutants.  It is not meant to replace advice from a healthcare professional.

Environmental Issues in the News

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